Trello… with a Little Bit of Help from Agilefant

Trello is a great tool for organizing almost any kind of work thanks to its unparalleled ease of use.

However, there is often a need to provide reports of progress, link tasks and stories to business goals, coordinate many teams, do estimates and track spent time.

Here’s a taster of how this all can be done: specifically how to do logging spent effort, using sprint burndowns and linking customer needs or product and business goals with Agilefant’s Trello Integration.

Log spent effort

No more need to duplicate your Trello cards to a spreadsheet or time tracking system! With a couple of clicks, you can log the hours you’ve done to the correct work item, in the correct project, to the correct customer.


If you prefer to do the entire thing directly from Trello, just fill in the spent effort to the card’s comment field:


The spent effort is in minutes, so to fill in an hour just write [spent:60]. Logging spent effort is one-way-only, so after you’ve saved the comment, editing or deleting it does not affect what was stored in Agilefant.


Update the sprint burndown

Do point-wise estimates in Trello (or Agilefant), break the cards into tasks using Trello checklists and enter man-hour ‘effort left’ estimates for the tasks in Agilefant. When you mark checklist items as done, the burndown goes down in Agilefant.


Connect small stories to bigger goals

Connect your cards to your long-term product, project or business goals by building hierarchies and structure in Agilefant on top of the small work items that the cards represent.


But wait, there’s more!

Go ahead, and try these out – and if you have problems, just reach out in our chat!

The possibilities do not stop there; in an upcoming blog post, we’ll show you how to:

  • Monitor project or release progress.
  • Do roadmapping and see how your epics progress.
  • Get an overview of your project and product portfolio.
  • Offer an easy interface to co-operate with your customers and other stakeholders.

And if you want to know in more detail how the Agilefant-Trello integration exactly works, check out the Trello integration instructions from the Agilefant user guide.