Trello Integration

  • Link Trello cards to Agilefant iteration
  • Connect small stories to bigger goals
  • Efficient collaboration among organization
  • Save more time in reporting and time tracking

Higher-scale, long-term planning and time tracking for individual tasks on Trello with Agilefant & Trello integration

Integrate Agilefant with Trello Now

Collaboration across Teams 

Some people in your organization insist on using Trello? But others don’t (we totally get that!). Agilefant Trello integration provides you an efficient solution that can please everyone’s preference and ensure that everything is aligned with the big picture. The integration lets you collaborate easily and efficiently between engineering teams, design teams, and business users.


Automated Workflow

When one Trello card is done or in progress stage, the state is updated on Agilefant. Team leader can see the progress, which tasks are done without leaving Agilefant view. Besides, when you mark checklist items as done, the sprint burndown goes down in Agilefant.


Tracking Effort Spent

It is a time-consuming task to duplicate your Trello cards to a spreadsheet or time tracking system. With Agilefant Trello integration, you can easily log the hours you have into the correct work items with a couple of clicks. Now you have all your efforts reported to the correct clients, for the correct projects without spending hours in going back and forth between Trello and spreadsheet.  

Trello time tracking tool agilefant

How It Works

Click the user guide below to read how to set up and use in details

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