Top ten lean and agile presentations on YouTube

As the year draws to an end, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned during the past 20 years of the things we today call lean and agile. I’ve compiled a top list of lean and agile presentations which to me have been especially intriguing and inspiring. The presentations are not in any particular order.

Nowadays most of us have a lot more ear-time than reading time. So just plug in your wireless headphone and dig in, whether you’re commuting, doing the dishes or something else where your brainwaves could use a little simulation.

If you happen to drive a motorized vehicle while doing that, be sure also to look at the road ahead, not just the slides…

Best of 2017 to everyone from myself and the folks here at Agilefant!

Fred George @ Goto 2015: The secret assumption of agile

“In the 70’s we could code together with the customer. As the industry, the companies and the projects got bigger, we told the customers to go away, as the coding now took a little longer time”
“User stories are founded on the assumption that the code is easy to change”


User story mapping with Jeff Patton

Do you think they’re using Jira for planning at Atlassian? Jeff Patton Digs into the concept of user stories, how to use (and not to use them)


Chet Hendrickson and Ron Jeffries: The nature of software development

“SAFe certainly is scaled, and it most certainly is a framework”


Bob Martin: The future of programming

In 1938 Turing described the modern computer. Three years later, he found himself cracking singnals with an ancient machine. Think of the bug tracker you’re using to manage your work…


Allen Holub: #noestimates

How many man-hours was a story point, again?


James Coplien: How Agile and OO have lost their way together

“Scrum came from TPS, xP from Scrum (“except they got it all wrong”), Agile is the cream skimmed on top”
“The Japanese fooled Americans into looking for root causes in complex adaptive systems”


Woody Zuill: Mob programming – a whole team approach

“With mob programming, most of what destroys productivity just faded away in our case”


Joshua Kerievsky: modern agile


Bas Vodde: The Story of LESS

How to solve dependencies and why in practice it can be hard to tailor a big framework method down to your organization


Craig Larman – Practices for Scaling Lean and Agile Development by Craig Larman

The competitive contract game, component teams and the prerequisite for scaling agile