Questions not related to product use

What’s the difference between open source and cloud versions?

The paid-for version contains many features which are not present in the open source Agilefant. Here we have listed some of the features that are only available in the paid-for version.

  • Real-time updates
  • Rest API
  • Improved user interface
  • A single-page application (SPA)
  • Drag & drop from one backlog to another
  • Story commenting
  • Story dependencies
  • Story cycle and lead times
  • Attachments
  • An advanced burnup chart for a project and for a set of stories with an estimated release date
  • Improved story and task filtering
  • Roadmaps for strategic planning
  • Filtered lists
  • Sprint board
  • Label editor
  • SAFe® support
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Timeline (stories with start and due date)
  • Trello & Jira integrations
  • Ability to configure visible story list columns
  • 2-factor authentication

For even more detail, check out this spreadsheet.

In addition, all Cloud plans include live chat support to get your people up-to-speed and questions answered instantly. Depending on the support package included as part of your account, you can also get help via Skype, Google hangout, telephone, plan Agilefant’s roadmap with us, and even run the Cloud version on your own server.

User interface in Cloud version:

User interface in the Cloud

User interface in open source version:


What is the best free open source agile management tool?

Most likely, Agilefant’s open source version. At least we’ve looked for a long time (since 2001), and haven’t found anything that comes even close.

Most free & open source tools are meant for a single team, working on a single thing for or a single product owner. However, the vast majority of real-world organizations – even the very small, have a more complex landscape of activities they need to manage.

Often, even a single freelance developer has a load of things to work on: the active project(s), leads for new projects, maintenance of old projects, and so on. And a model based on one-team-working-on-a-single-thing-at-a-time just won’t cut it.

Agilefant has been developed based on more than a decade of experience working with real software organizations, both big and small, and thus, can quite well handle the real-world complexity. Look up the research from the previous link or google for ‘towards agile product and portfolio management’ if you want to learn more.

But, as the Internet is pretty big, and reviews of open source backlog tools are few and far between, there may be a solution that we’ve overlooked. If you think there’s something out there that could match Agilefant’s power, email and tell us about it!!

Why is Agilefant a better tool for me than X?

Well, it depends. The fastest thing to do is probably to come to our chat (see the lower left-hand corner of this page), tell a bit more about yourself and your context, and let our experts help in finding what’s good for you.

Or, if you want to explore by yourself, take a look at the use cases on the product page, check out Dr. Agilefant’s Ultimate Tool Review or simply try Agilefant out.

Supported browsers

Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari are officially supported. Agilefant works reasonable well in IE 10 and later versions, but IE is not officially supported.

Subscription and Billing

What are teams in the pricing table?

Agilefant uses teams to restrict access to backlogs. By adding people into teams and defining the backlogs the teams have access, you can make backlogs visible only certain users. The Team plan allows you to have only one team, and the Group plan allows five teams. The Business and Enterprise plans come with unlimited teams.

Solo plan

The Solo plan allows you to use Agilefant for free if you do not need to add additional users. If you are, e.g., a freelancer working on your own projects, the Solo plan gives you access to all the features. Just sign up and you are all done – just ignore the ‘days left’ message.

I have three users. How much does that cost?

It depends on the plan you choose. The most affordable plan for three people is the Team plan. This would cost $5/person/month.

My evaluation period is coming to the end. Can I extend it?

If you need more time to give Agilefant a proper test drive, send us a note by email.

My subscription has ended and I cannot log in. What can I do?

All accounts, for which the evaluation period is over, the account converts into a SOLO account, which allows only the admin to log in. Other users will be disabled but all their data will stay in the system. In order to keep using Agilefant, contact your admin to subscribe required seats. You can also contact us and we will help you out.


Is there (for example) a Chinese version?

There is no Chinese version (or any other language excluding English) yet.

How should I pronounce ‘Agilefant’?

Agile, as in ‘agile’, and the rest as in ‘elephant’. The spelling ‘fant’ comes from the fact that the animal is in Finnish spelled as ‘elefantti’…