Simply scalable

From a single person to an organization with many products and teams, Agilefant is the simplest solution that scales.

Method agnostic

Supports for agile methods like Kanban and Scrum, helps you implement SAFe or LESS, but also bends to support traditional approaches such as waterfall.

Role specific

From team members and project management to product and portfolio management, Agilefant is the complete tool for all roles.

Platform independent

You can choose cloud (we host), server of your choice (you host) and open source (you host).

The next level of team work

Agilefant works for many different kinds of project structures. It works with single teams as well as with multiple teams and products.

Feature rich solution

Agilefant works for many different kinds of project structures. It works with single teams as well as with multiple teams and products.

Iteration management

Prioritize stories and tasks using drag-n’-drop. Pull stories from many products and projects into a single iteration. See total estimated effort left and spent from the burndown. Set dependencies between stories. Provide a read-only access for external stakeholders.

Iteration Management

Project management

Prioritize the project’s stories as a list. Split bigger features into stories that fit in an iteration. Master multi-team projects with parallel iterations. Release burn-up shows progress against planned scope. Keep track on projects’ key performance indicators.

Project Burnup with Key Performance Indicators

Product management

Split epics to release-sized features. Trace small iteration-sized stories to product and business goals. Schedule stories into projects and iterations. Filter the backlogs based on story attributes. Identify stories by labels. Add business value on stories.

Story tree

Portfolio management

See who is working on what. Prioritise ongoing projects using drag & drop. Track key epics, stories, iterations, projects, and people’s workloads.

Feature roadmap

Daily work

See what you’re responsible for across the company portfolio. Plan what you’ll take on next using personal task and story queues. Access your current work fast and easy via a single view. Follow your daily and weekly time usage.

My work

Time tracking and reporting

Easy and fast time tracking with automatic spent counter since last entry. Log spent effort to the detail you need – to tasks, stories, iterations, projects, and products. Create reports and export timesheet data to Excel. Monitor how much time you have spent on your daily activities.

Time tracking

Different views for different stakeholders

Agilefant adjusts itself to what the user is currently trying to accomplish. If your team is grinding through the daily list of things to do, Agilefant presents itself as a task list. If you’re doing project or product management, a hierarchical view shows how small stories and features contribute to higher level product and business goals. If you’re a manager, you can get a one page view of the key performance metrics of various teams and projects to see if things are on track.


With Agilefant you can easily create roadmaps to show which for instance features and projects that are ongoing and planned for the future. As work on the features and projects progress, the roadmaps are automatically updated to reflect the latest status. A traffic light visualization can be added to the roadmaps to show whether deadlines are being met based on the historical velocity.

Strategy Execution

Agilefant enables the entire company to see what are the top level strategic initiatives. Teams and individuals can then split the initiatives into smaller pieces of work that can be completed in the near future. As work is completed, the status is aggregated to show the progress also on the top level strategic initiatives.

Managing Company Wide Work

All kind of work can be modeled in Agilefant and viewed with the desired level of granularity. For instance, projects can be viewed from a portfolio level, from the tasks currently ongoing in the project or anything in between. Also non-projectized work such as processes can be followed through Agilefant.

Customer Collaboration

Customer collaboration can be improved by collecting customer requests to Agilefant. Customers can even be allowed to maintain and prioritize their own backlog of requests. Moreover, customers and customer serving teams can track the status of these requests, thus improving the customer satisfaction.

Continuous Lean Transformation

Agilefant is designed to support companies’ need to renew themselves continuously. The core idea is to support self-organization by making new change initiatives easy to set-up and to allow everyone to see the progress and how that relates to different organizational goals.