One team working on one product

Whether you are a startup or single team in a corporation, Agilefant makes it easy to plan and keep track of all you need to do, as well as the metrics needed to understand your progress.

My work

The worker at the forefront

Everything you are responsible for is listed under the My Work tab.

You can add more tasks with a single click without being forced to connect them to user stories or projects. This makes it easy to keep your to-do list up to date

Adapts to the way you work

Adapts to the way you work

With Agilefant you can implement agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban, but also traditional approaches, and recurring tasks like maintenance – or a mix of them! If you change your way of working or grow, you don’t need to change your tool.

Efficient management of the product backlog

Efficient management of the product backlog

Agilefant’s features have been designed for efficient backlog management. You can invite all your stakeholders to provide feature requests or report bugs directly to Agilefant, which is faster than collecting them from e-mails or other tools.

The requests and bug reports can then be easily drag-and-dropped or moved as a batch to your product backlog for grooming and prioritization.

Unlimited work item hierarchy

Unlimited work item hierarchy

Agile methods require just-in-time elaboration of work – in other words, splitting requirements and other work into smaller and smaller pieces as things proceed – but most tools either do not support that beyond a fixed number of levels, are clumsy in work splitting, or force you to use elaborate workarounds such as linking “issues” to each other.

Agilefant does not enforce a certain number of “levels” of how small you can split your work items – we believe that the tool should not limit your thinking. As you do the splitting, you can easily drag & drop the refined items to projects and iterations for more detailed prioritization.

Project burnup

Follow the progress of your project

Getting a real time view on project or release progress and historical velocity is key to detecting issues early and making appropriate decisions regarding scope and resources. This also provides a basis for forecasting what is likely to be ready in the future.

Agilefant provides a burnup chart based on story points, including a forecast based on past velocity for projects that makes it easy to see how much of the project backlog is completed and forecast what amount of features can be completed for a given release date.

Also, if you need to report and monitor your budget and spending on the project level, Agilefant helps you do that.

Sprint burndown

Track progress towards your iteration goal

For iterations within a project – Scrum calls these “Sprints” – Agilefant provides a burndown chart that lets the team see how it is progressing and gives the chance to take corrective actions if needed.

If you want, you can also log spent effort at the level of detail you need: to tasks, stories, the iteration, the project, or the product in question.

Visual roadmap

Create visual roadmaps for yourself and your customers

Agilefant enables you to create custom roadmaps for displaying past and future releases or important features on a timeline.

Traffic lights show the entities as either green (very likely to be completed on time), yellow (close to being completed on time), or red (unlikely to completed on time – corrective actions needed) based on remaining scope and past velocity in real time. This will help you to communicate with customers and other stakeholders what you have done and what they can expect in the future.

Agilefant scales with you

Large corporations like Coriant, Tieto and Kesko use Agilefant because it scales beyond one team and one product. When you are expanding to new products or adding more teams, Agilefant is a solution that grows with you.