Many Sources of Work, a Single Team Backlog

Imagine that your team is responsible for both the development of a product, but also supporting a certain customer who is using something that was delivered by the team in a past custom project. Or, your team is working as the development resources for two or more product owners. Or perhaps you’re the IT unit of a larger organization?

To take into account all of the team’s work in iteration planning, Agilefant has standalone iterations, which can pull work from many products and projects.

In other words, the stories may come from multiple products and projects, and still Agilefant knows how to reflect the stories’ status to the project and product level metrics.

Thus, the projects’ owners stay up-to-date with how their own project is progressing as a whole, and as the metrics bubble upwards from the iteration level, then they can even create custom Boards into how their important, larger-than-iteration-sized goals are progressing.

Standalone iteration