My work

The worker at the forefront

Agilefant is designed to make it easy for individual workers to manage their work as well as foster collaboration with other teams and stakeholders.

The “my work” view in Agilefant provides a handy overview of everything you are responsible for, and also how these relate to different user stories and projects. Tasks and stories can be added easily, and immediately to the correct context, which makes it effortless to keep not just the team member’s to-do list up to date – but also the entire project plan and higher level progress metrics.

Adapts to the way you work

Implement your method of choice

Teams get an overview of the project they are working on and of possible iterations (Scrum calls them “Sprints”) within the project. You can model any way of working, ranging from agile frameworks like Scrum or SAFe to Kanban and the traditional waterfall. Teams and projects can also be given the freedom to choose methods that make sense for them.

Unlimited work item hierarchy

Unlimited work item hierarchy

Agile methods require just-in-time elaboration of work – in other words, splitting requirements and other work into smaller and smaller pieces as things proceed.

Still, most tools either do not support splitting work beyond a fixed number of levels, or they are clumsy in it, for example by forcing you to use workarounds such as linking “issues” to each other.

Agilefant does not enforce a certain number of “levels” of how small you can split your work items – we believe that the tool should not limit your thinking. As you do the splitting, you can easily drag & drop the refined items to the teams’ iteration backlogs for more detailed prioritization.

Empower employees and customers to provide ideas and feedback

Empower employees and customers to provide ideas and feedback

With Agilefant the product owner can create backlogs for different stakeholder groups and let them feed in any ideas or feedback they have. Once the provided items are validated and refined they can be inserted into the product backlog. It is also possible to enable the contributors to see how their suggestions are progressing, which can be a big motivator to provide more feedback in the future.

Project Burnup with Key Performance Indicators

Get instant visibility on project progress

Agilefant enables real time visibility on project progress making it possible to quickly notice deviations to plans and take corrective actions. Each project gets an automatic burnup chart with a forecast of the completed scope for a given release date based on the team’s past velocity.

Sprint burndown

Ensure that you reach your iteration goal

To help you make decisions about the project scope, you can even generate burn-ups based on various subsets of stories. Also, if you need to report and monitor your budget and spending on the project level, Agilefant helps you do that. Iterations within projects come with burndown charts which makes it easy for teams to see whether the iteration will be completed with the planned scope.

Dependencies in a tree

Manage dependencies between features and between teams

With Agilefant you can define dependencies between work items, which helps you keep track of potential upstream or downstream bottlenecks. In some cases, features require work from multiple teams, e.g. software and hardware teams or UX design and development teams. With Agilefant you get visibility into what items are in different backlogs, how the work is progressing and how it relates to items in other team’s backlogs. This makes it possible re-prioritize work or change resource assignments to avoid potential bottlenecks.

Get a portfolio overview of your projects

Get a portfolio overview of your projects

In Agilefant you can configure a portfolio view on all your projects or even iterations within projects to see how they are progressing against the plan. The projects will be displayed as “traffic lights” depending on remaining work and past velocity of the project so that green means the project is very likely to be completed on time, yellow means it is close to being completed on time, and red means it is unlikely to be completed on time and corrective actions should be taken.


Custom reports to support decision making

Agilefant comes with a reporting tool that enables you to extract data in excel format reporting and decision making purposes. This is handy if you for instance want to see reported hours by person, project or story and can be used for example to validate invoices from contractors. Since all the data in Agilefant can be included in the report, it is possible to use it for creating any kind of report you or your management may need.

Feature roadmap

Create roadmaps for customers and other stakeholders

Agilefant enables you to create custom roadmaps based on real-time data that provide relevant information for your customers and other stakeholders of what releases and crucial features are coming up. The traffic light indicators which show progress can be turned on or off, and more detailed data about the items can be displayed displayed or hidden – depending on your needs.

Let Agilefant drive your transformation

Large corporations like Coriant, Tieto and Kesko have chosen Agilefant, because its superior usability and flexible model have shown their power in supporting lean/agile transformation.

Choose a solution which supports you in the transformation you need – something which is both easy, powerful and has a surprisingly economic price tag. Choose Agilefant.