Twice the results with half the cost


Rautakesko is a home improvement and specialty goods retailer operating several brands in eight countries.


  • End-to-end requirements management with many stakeholders in several countries
  • Efficient and easy-to-use agile project management of a massive 1.5 year project
  • Providing visibility to all stakeholders on project progress
  • Better access to information and no need for manual reporting


In 2013 Rautakesko had selected a new system for business intelligence reporting and needed to migrate existing reports from legacy tools as well as implement new reports enabled by the new system. Some 500 requirements had been identified for the project, and it was estimated that delivering them could take the assigned team several years. Additional complexity came from the fact that the system had multiple end users in several countries, with many of them having different business needs.

The team wanted to use an agile approach to tackle the project. Agile was new to the organization, and was initially met with skepticism. Also, the tools that had been in use — Jira and MS Project — didn’t match the needs the project team had in mind.


Several tools for managing agile development were evaluated, and Agilefant was selected. It was the only one to meet all the team’s needs. On top of that its usability was superior.

“In Agilefant we could group and split the requirements in a flexible manner. That was a key factor in our choice.”

Management had agreed to pilot the agile approach for three months, and then compare the results to a fixed price offer that they had received for same the work. The results from the pilot stopped any debate they had about the choice: compared to the fixed price offer, the agile team was able to complete 90% more work for 47% of the cost.

In the end, the project took 18 months to complete, but first benefits from the new system were gained early and where they were most needed. Communication was easier, as the end users from different sites could add their requirements directly to their own backlogs. These were frequently reviewed with the team and then prioritized to development sprints. Everyone could follow the progress in real time and get the reports they needed directly from Agilefant. This speeded up information sharing, and greatly reduced the need for manual reporting.

“Everyone can now look up the status for themselves instead of emailing back and forth or having somebody manually compile and distribute status reports.”

Rautakesko is now adopting Agilefant and the agile development approach in new projects. During the two first years of use they have been very pleased with the product. Also, whenever they have had a feature request it has swiftly been implemented.

“We have received unparalleled support from the Agilefant team”