Scaled agile over three continents


Coriant manufactures and delivers networking products and services to more than 200 customers worldwide.


  • Agilefant is used to manage the backlogs of tens of teams on three sites
  • Understanding dependencies has helped prioritization
  • Progress and what’s left are now visible
  • Problems are spotted earlier


Originally, the backlog was spread over multiple documents and difficult to organize. Teams had different approaches to how they managed their backlogs. Additionally, they were using different tools for this (MS Excel, wiki pages, text files, etc.). This hindered overall visibility and transparency to backlog items across teams. It was difficult to monitor what was being worked on. The teams had trouble providing estimates for when features would get done.

Coriant wanted to store all the project’s requirements and tasks in a single tool. The goals were to harmonize the process for building the backlog, and improve the visibility to how work is proceeding. A key need was also to find a common way of working for all teams.


Coriant started using Agilefant in March 2014.

A year later it is used by tens of Scrum teams on three continents, working together on the main product launches. The backlog is in Agilefant, and the teams pull features to their sprints. “Using Agilefant felt good from the start. We were also able to influence its feature development”, says Hannu Törmänen, an engineering manager at Coriant.

“Agilefant has improved the way we work. We have been able to observe our workflows and why problems occur. We learned to improve the writing of user stories. Now team members have a better understanding of what they should do.”

“Overall, Agilefant has given us a better understanding of what’s already done, and the amount of work left is more clear to everyone. We also are able to see how the teams’ work depends on things which are outside of our software R&D organization. This further helps us in prioritizing the work, and as a result, our productivity has gone up significantly.”

Using Agilefant has helped Coriant to realize that there is still a lot to learn. “Although we had practiced agile for many years already, using Agilefant has opened our eyes that there are many areas we still can improve in.”