• Multiple timeline improvements
  • Multiple Jira integration improvements
  • Resize board columns by dragging the right edge of a column

New features:

  • What's new notification system on the top right corner
  • Two-factor authentication



  • A bunch of Jira integration fixes
  • Avoid duplicated stories when relinking an iteration to a Trello board

New features:

  • Timeline. Set planned start date and due date for stories and they'll appear on the timeline.
  • Show story's lead time and cycle time in story details when story's state is either 'Done' or 'Deferred'
  • Automatically set story's start date when its state is changed from 'Not started' to any another state
  • Set story's end date when story's state is set to either 'Done' or 'Deferred'
  • Click on the child icon in the story details view and expose all the childs of the story + create new ones faster than ever. Drag-and-drop childs to a board, or to another story in a three or story list.



  • Fix links from Trello to Agilefant
  • Fix story checkboxes after drag and dropping stories
  • Do not show double notifications when creating stories or tasks in lists
  • A bunch of Trello integration fixes
  • Allow editing strategic themes of a Trello linked story
  • Show product's name correctly in the 'Create project' dialog
  • Fix boards' layout in IE
  • 0 (zero) is now a valid KPI target


  • Illustrate context better in search results
  • Show context when creating a child story
  • Sort stories by root and parent
  • Clear search results with ESC
  • New layout in dashboards
  • Change KPI charts' color palette

New features:

  • Show story dependencies in story tree and boards
  • Show if story's due date is approaching or has past in story details



  • Remove comment's max length limitation
  • In My work's Tasks tab, ask if a story should be marked started when marking a task from Not started state to another state
  • Make custom list's details tab scrollable
  • Fix input field bugs on IE
  • My spent effort entries list is not scrollable
  • Fix board snapshot, error when fonts not found
  • Fix iterations list reverse sort
  • Fix leaf stories rank
  • Fix remove from my work
  • Fix - cannot add a label with a name that's already archived
  • Clear multiselections on page change and refresh
  • Fix layout of add task in story details


  • Search stories by label term
  • Use current backlog as a backlog when creating a child/sibling story in a story tree
  • Show story description when hovering name in story tree
  • Do not expand a story tree node when a story is dragged onto it
  • Show story points in iteration boards and aggregate points in other boards
  • Rearrange story list columns, adjust naming
  • Add configurable columns to custom lists
  • Spent effort to accept the Jira format "Xm" for minutes (e.g. 20m)
  • Drag and drop a task from one story to another in story list and tree
  • Refine top elements, selected story colour to gray
  • Detail view top elements layout

New features:

  • Change story's parent with multiselect
  • Add start date for story
  • Configure which columns are shown in list
  • Inverted story list filters
  • Story filter lists that can be saved
  • Beta version of Jira integration
  • WSJF Prioritization values for stories: WSJF, Cost of Delay, Time Criticality, RR&OE



  • Fix memory leaks
  • Add more space for kpi numbers in project burnup
  • Fix - board column/row title flickers on page reload
  • Fix theme list expand view layout
  • Fix iteration export


  • Speed up label fetch
  • Show theme's portfolio in theme selector
  • Scale KPI axes when project descoped
  • Change theme by drag and dropping on portfolio kanban
  • Show parent backlogs when creating new project/iteration widget
  • Modify story's strategic themes via story details
  • SAFe portfolio level support; small steps
  • Show the name of a story being moved in Move -dialog
  • Show the name of a story being moved in Change parent story -dialog
  • Speed up Copy branch
  • Chart snapshot for project burnup and iteration burndown
  • Remove system labels from label editor
  • Add parent story to board card + other changes
  • Rename Epic -> Portfolio Epic (does not change the name of existing 'Epic' labels)
  • Highlight the selected board, porfolio, and dashboard from the left menu
  • Highlight the row of selected task and story in list views
  • Change the location of my spent effort in my work
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Attachment and comment search
  • Rewrite dashboards
  • Improve iteration burndown performance
  • Improve project burnup performance

New features:

  • Allow for arbitrary drag&drops in board views

Deprecated features:

  • Calendar in My work



  • Save story description when clicking tree
  • Prevent linking trello account to multiple agilefant accounts
  • Fix task list scrollers
  • Fix empty my work spinner
  • Fix opening dialog in new qr links
  • Fix saving story to selected backlog in Create new story dialog
  • fix toTop and toBottom
  • Fix some memory leaks
  • Fix double scrollbars in story list on narrow screen
  • Do not list iterations in move story dialog if story has children
  • Fix infinite digest error when accessing RO iteration
  • Fix trello error message in multiedit
  • Fix moving story with deleted children
  • Fix bug, NPE when deleting board rows


  • Update board card layout
  • Allow non-admins to edit KPI targets
  • More descriptive styles for droppable items outside tree
  • Correctly hilite elements dragged elements
  • Add background to draggable item, indicate item visually
  • Scroll to story/task after search and redirect
  • Open and close list view details from the arrow icon
  • Move value to top, change icons, add padding between sections, rename Hierarchy
  • Story tasks: disable effort left field if story done, change af-tooltips to title, improve clickable areas
  • Add a new line with enter in comments
  • Add contrast to scrollbar and make it sexier. hide it by default, show on hover
  • Add detail view for a story and task
  • Add details view to portfolio
  • Add delete board
  • Add epic label
  • Story list optimization
  • List speed optimization
  • Infinite scrolling in story/task lists
  • Increase search result box width
  • Tree context menu
  • Add value per size field to portfolio board



  • Fix bug, estimation start date in burn-up does not work when KPIs shown
  • Fix new stories list responsibles filter
  • Remove non-admin's ability to modify her teams
  • Get effort spent in reporting fails if hours are reported to stories with no context
  • Fix renaming label
  • Fix non-admin can not delete story that is in another user's my work
  • Labels are not copied when copying a story
  • Fix require all labels/responsibles
  • Fix moment js deprecation warnings
  • Show board label filters to non-admins
  • Fix getting board stories
  • Fix editing newly created filter
  • Make filters case-insensitive again
  • Fix updating filtered story list
  • Fix New stories list filtering
  • Fix row filter missing message
  • Fix creating stories
  • Fix scandic letters to work
  • Fix webquery link
  • Fix attachment link
  • Fix task filter
  • Remove add child option if story is in an iteration
  • Switching a user in my work should keep the selected tab
  • Fix expand story's tasks
  • Fix story tree drag-and-drop after moving from one tree view to another tree view
  • Fix ro iteration board layout
  • Fix creating board/column/row for non-admin users
  • Fix setting original value to editable field after canceling edit with esc
  • Fix removing stories from my work with filters and multiedit
  • Add task button not visible on some FF versions
  • Show story in leaf stories list if the story has only children that have been deleted
  • Fix filtering stories that are created after filters are enabled
  • Prevent focused editable fields auto-saving when using scrollbar
  • Remove selected story in my work if someone else removes it from the list
  • Fix bug, Account Settings - UI version choices flipped
  • Fix iteration board drag and drop on IE 10/11
  • Fix input field validation after inputting erroneous value
  • Fix excel export on IE/EDGE
  • Fix error when deleting story
  • Remove deleted stories from board
  • Fix undefined My Work ranks
  • Fix iteration delete (iterations list)
  • Update backlog/board/user cache when called with new templates
  • Hide Use me as ID in My settings if Trello is disabled
  • Disable create button in new user dialog if there are no seats left
  • Fix trello updates
  • Fix deleting board
  • Fix showing access rights selection in Create new iteration dialog
  • Fix backlog autopopulate


  • New, much clearer layout throughout the application
  • Single page application => much faster page loading
  • Improved My Work view, which enables users to explicitly set the stories and tasks they want to focus on
  • Add clear button to filter config dialog
  • Improve tree loading speed
  • Add more font sizes to description editor
  • Sort labels by name in tree/list/board card
  • Board responsibles filter
  • Allow order by name, story count, and filter count in the label editor
  • Tune tree's pencil menu
  • Keep the context popup always on the screen
  • Tune margins of reset clock button
  • When creating a task into a story in someone else's my work, add him responsible for the task
  • Disable Backlog field in add child and add sibling dialogs
  • Remember logged in user after closing/opening browser
  • Move task to a story via move dialog
  • Update Froala editor
  • Add story/task to top of the list when creating from My Work
  • Tune reset original estimates
  • Tune multiedit
  • Performance optimization: Do not fetch iterations when they are not needed
  • Improve performance for loading board data

New features:

  • Label editor: edit, delete, merge labels
  • Portfolio with strategic themes and board
  • Drag and drop tasks and stories to the left hand My work link
  • List select/deselect all
  • Multiedit in story list
  • Drag and drop multiple stories in story list
  • Calendar view to let you track what you plan to do when



  • Fix IE 10 layout issue
  • Fix opening pen menu in story tree
  • Fix accessing stories and tasks without context
  • Deleting a story did not have effect on multiedit selections
  • Fix creating objects with enter
  • Fix NPE when deleting story
  • Fix board tab's title
  • Remove double vertical scrollbars from boards
  • Board column/row name overflows on FF if too long
  • Do not re-prioritize story in my work when adding responsibles
  • Fix dragging task to stories in my work
  • Fix label search access rights bug for non-admins
  • Fix context popup backlog and story links
  • Fix showing standalone iterations in reporting
  • Fix accessing read-only iteration
  • Fix qr links for stories and tasks without context
  • Fix adding an attachment via a description editor
  • Fix second modal dialog going behind first modal dialog
  • Fix screen height for small browser size
  • Fix story tree nodes staying open when switching between tabs or refreshing the page
  • Fix attachments
  • Burndown shows differently based on whether stories tab accessed in iteration
  • Fix trello integration
  • Remember opened story tree nodes when switching between different products backlogs
  • Fix default backlog dropdown and allow to select any backlog as a default backlog
  • Fix board snapshot for Firefox
  • Fix drag and drop in story tree
  • Fix updating My work when copying stories
  • Fix the issue that prevented sidemenu to fill the screen vertically after it was resized
  • Fix KPIs
  • Small settings improvements and fixes
  • Fix task description overflow issue
  • Fix FF overflow issue
  • Fix tooltip staying visible after dragging story
  • Fix uploading attachments in story list
  • Fix qrq link for standalone iteration
  • Fix state change when closing story info bubble


  • Autopopulate Create new menu's backlog field
  • Auto assign to new stories by default
  • Possibility to clear selected backlog
  • Add story root as optional info to cards in boards
  • Read-only iteration board
  • Page load speed optimizations
  • Add labels to Create new -> story dialog; and remove value field
  • Tune story list columns' width; sort labels alphabetically
  • Create new labels in multiedit
  • Make story tree horizontally scrollable on narrow screens
  • Prevent accidentally deleting attachment
  • Make dialog buttons accessible with tab key
  • Show parent backlog in create new menu dialogs and default backlog selection
  • Close dialogs with esc
  • Add 'No backlogs' text under Backlogs if not backlogs exist
  • In a spent effort dialog, set the focus on spent field
  • Combine reset and close buttons in the multiedit



  • Fix creating duplicate stories when creating stories with Add child/sibling
  • Fix web query link
  • Fix setting teams for new user
  • Fix password reset
  • Fix story info dialog disappearing
  • Fix child story order in copy branch
  • Fix export data to excel in Reporting
  • Fix My Work for tasks without context
  • Fix sort by points/value in My Work
  • Fix iteration board cell width on long words
  • Fix story info bubble row height on Firefox
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Fix iteration board cell width on long words
  • Fix Add all in Select teams
  • Fix saving with enter in create new popup dialogs
  • Fix Require all labels in board filters
  • Fix story info dialog description text overflow
  • Fix user admin check for create new menu
  • Fix setting new user admin via Create new menu
  • Fix form checks in invite users dialog
  • Fix deleting story with children
  • Fix saving spent effort for story
  • Fix disabling Save button
  • Fix setting spent effort left for task
  • Fix update user info dialog
  • Fix DoD access in a story list
  • Fix bug, reset clock causes error after login
  • Fix overflow issue in story info dialog's tasks tab
  • Fix context backlog links
  • Refresh storyinfo dialog position on tab change
  • Fix story list labels on IE11
  • Fix the default backlog issue when creating a story in mywork
  • Fix product story tree without stories directly in product
  • Fix searching a task located in a story with no context
  • Fix selecting user's teams
  • Fix popups going behind header
  • Fix newly created stories not showing on new story tree
  • Fix dependency story links
  • Fix bug, story delete broken
  • Add missing task name when sorting storyListTasks
  • Fix attachments
  • Fix login error messages
  • Fix readonly iteration url
  • Fix reference id link in details tab
  • Fix cannot change a user in my work
  • Fix styling for lists
  • Fix ro iteration urls
  • Fix label query
  • Fix the issue that prevented opening account settings
  • Fix the width of labels input box
  • Fix iteration tasks without stories sort order
  • Fix qrq and qr links
  • Fix story iteration not loaded in tree
  • Fix showing move error message in tree


  • Multiple layout improvements
  • Show message when board column/row has no filters
  • Allow zero story points (and value)
  • Open a story/task dialog when searching a story/task
  • Add caching to improve load speed in trees and iterations
  • Start/end date validation in create Iteration/Project
  • Board and details styles
  • Use min and max dates in datepicker in project details, iteration details, and iterations list
  • Prepopulate the project field when creating an iteration in iterations tab plus style iterations list
  • Storyinfobubble styling
  • Increase session timeout
  • Change the structure of multiedit template
  • Show value and pts sort icons in story list
  • Style error messages in create dialogs
  • Make top left search results scrollable



  • Fixes to Trello Integration*



  • Better handling of story links in Trello when linking/unlinking iterations*


New features:

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in projects*
  • Web queries in iterations*


  • Board's traffic lights improvements*



  • Enable Trello Integration*


  • Fixed bug: Tree view jumps to top when node expanded/collapsed*



  • Board level filter now includes same criteria as row/column filters*
  • Improved deadline filter for boards and lists*



  • Fixed bug in name filter*



  • Fixed bug in label filter*



  • Improvements to moving stories between backlogs*
  • Added option to put incoming stories to top or bottom of iterations*


  • Fix update messages with undefined initiator*



  • Searching by labels made case insensitive*



  • Fixed bug: JSON export broken*
  • Fixed bug: occasional error when downloading timesheets*



  • Improvements to iteration board view*



  • Improved layout for burndown chart*


  • Fixed bug: pressing tab while editing description lost changes*


New features:

  • Story attachments*
  • Iteration board*


  • Project burnup with deleted stories*
  • Move to top fails randomly*
  • Reply to a deleted comment*
  • Delete story fails if it has time entries and you select to move time entries to story's project or iteration*
  • Links in comments aren't clickable on Safari*
  • New stories created in an iteration always go to the default backlog*


  • Pencil icon menu fixed to stay always on the screen*
  • Subscription page UI tuned*
  • State filters hidden as default*
  • Multiedit dialog does not hide bottom stories*
  • Burnup and burndown charts improved*
  • Story/task sorting improvements*
  • Remove state menu's ‘jumps’*
  • Several minor UI improvements*


  • See list of new stories. Available in left menu: Lists -> New stories.*
  • Filter stories by due date*


  • See the effort spent by selected users in the selected backlogs broken by each individual in the given time period.*


  • UI improvements of the spent effort dialog, reporting page, and weekly and daily hours lists.*
  • You can now move iterations. Make a normal iteration a standalone and vice versa.*
  • Reset clock button on the top right corner. Click it when you start your day to start the spent effort counter, or when you come back from a lunch and you want to reset the counter quickly.*
  • Logout and help links are now in a dropdown menu.*


  • Select written label when clicking outside label area*
  • Show parent story in context column in regular iterations*
  • Allow moving stories to another project in story tree*
  • Optimize loading spent effort data*
  • Improve backlog details tab layout and add # of overdue stories into metrics*
  • Iterations and team list sort*
  • Fix tooltips in popup dialogs*


  • Administrators can see the last login time and total login count of each user on Users page*
  • New layout on Users, Teams, and Access rights pages*
  • Columns on Users page are sortable*


  • Backlog actions can be now found in the tabular menu*
  • Improved the look of tabs, buttons, and dropdown menus*
  • Open user’s settings directly from the Teams list*
  • Backend refactoring*


  • Add labels to Create new story dialog*
  • Responsibles added to the multiedit*
  • Iterations list’s id column is a bit wider*
  • New color theme added to the dialogs too*
  • Font smoothing used*


  • Agilefant has got a bit color and is not so gray anymore.*


  • Do not show a notification when a new user changes password first time*
  • Couple board related improvements*
  • Fix: Cannot make a standalone iteration after choosing a project in iteration creation*


  • Customizable boards are now live*
  • Small improvements to the description editor*


  • A whole new description editor*


  • Show hover tooltips on state filters*
  • New state dropdown menu*
  • Make stories’ parent hierarchy explicit in the Change parent dialog*


  • Fix burndown chart layout*
  • Long label names are not fully visible in the story list*
  • Parent stories did not always load in story info dialog*
  • Improved Atmosphere’s session handling*


  • New branch burnup available in the story info dialog*
  • Fixed: Change parent dialog does not show all backlog names*


  • New iteration burndown and project burnup layouts*
  • Red line in project burnup to be calculated from branches which total is less than X points*
  • Option to include unestimated stories in project burnup*
  • Improved performance (especially in label search and listing weekly hour entries)*
  • Password strength is validated when changing password*
  • Backlog related information is now divided better into tabs*
  • Story and task filters are now accessible more easily*
  • Hide story context in a normal iteration page, and task context in any iteration page*
  • Accept time in H:mm format*
  • Zero (0) is now accepted in story points and value fields*
  • People can be filtered based on their email in Users page*
  • Past projects are now hidden behind a ‘Past projects’ node


  • Timesheets Excel export fails if some value has over 32767 characters*
  • Project burnup and iteration burndown charts show only partially in Dashboards*
  • Force change password keeps appearing on IE*
  • Editing description fails on IE in Story Info window*
  • Stories filtered by backlog name disappear after modifying them*
  • 15 minor bugs fixed*
  • Several minor performance, usability and layout improvements*


  • The new look is live!
  • Creating many stories and tasks made faster (more Trello-like)
  • Search & navigate to tasks now works correctly
  • Tidied up how the context of tasks & stories is shown in list views
  • 5 minor bug fixes
  • 3 small usability improvements


  • Stories can now be commented
  • Tasks can now be edited from the story tree
  • Complete redesign of the story info dialog
  • Rewritten read-only iterations with AngularJS
  • 12 small usability and/or workflow improvements
  • 3 small UI improvements & fixes
  • Speeded up story parent change
  • Added online instructions on how to get started with Agilefant
  • 3 minor bugs fixed
  • Reporting page rewritten with AngularJS
  • The old (non-AngularJS) user interface can no longer be switched on


  • Stories can be marked as dependent on or required by other stories
  • Story dependencies are included in the Excel export for closer analysis
  • You can now sort story lists by value and points
  • Added valid formats to effort left and spent entries: “.5″ and “5 h”
  • Fixed a bug in copying stories
  • All story labels are now visible in the story tree view
  • Done stories are now left out of the search results when setting a context for a newly created task
  • Fixed: Searching for and navigating into a story in an iteration fails to expand it
  • The user who created a task or a story is now visible in the UI
  • Proper error message if story’s name is longer than allowed
  • The page currently open is now more clearly visible in the left hand menu


  • Stories can now have due dates
  • Story lists can now be filtered by state, responsibles, labels and text
  • You can now move entire story branches to the left hand backlog menu by drag & drop
  • Added ability to copy entire branches of stories at once
  • Quick edit menu added to stories in the tree view
  • You can now reset task’s original estimate by editing the OE field
  • Moving stories from one backlog to another speeded up
  • Drag & drop ordering in story lists speeded up
  • Label filtering speeded up
  • Access rights page rewritten using AngularJS
  • Teams page rewritten using AngularJS
  • Small bug fixes: 9
  • Small visual & layout fixes: 2
  • Misc refactoring


  • Project burn-up can now be drawn based on a set of selected stories
  • Added project completion date prediction
  • Tasks’ original estimate is now visible when task expanded
  • New landing page for users who log in the first time
  • Page for adding and editing users rewritten
  • My Settings page rewritten using AngularJS
  • Account settings page rewritten
  • Added confirmation dialog to prevent accidental changes to user admin rights
  • Consolidated styles from all over Agilefant into a single file
  • Connection pool switched to HikariCP
  • Minor bugs fixed and other workflow improvements: 5
  • Visual glitch fixes and other visual improvements: 9
  • 2 other refactorings


  • You can now filter the story tree by state, label and responsible
  • Development of project and iteration ‘planned size’ and ‘baseline load’ discontinued as unnecessary features
  • Notifications from updates made by other users can now be configured on/off/only from my teams
  • Story responsibles are now visible in the tree view
  • Skeleton for the upcoming Trello integration started
  • Re-designed the info box for projects and iterations
  • Re-designed Agilefant’s header bar and top navigation
  • 2 small changes and additions to excel export in reporting
  • Edit user page rewritten using AngularJS
  • Minor bugs fixed and other workflow improvements: 19
  • Visual glitch fixes and other visual improvements: 17
  • 2 refactorings


  • The new story tree pushed to all existing accounts and users; the new story tree is automatically enabled for all new accounts and users. It can still be switched off from My Settings.
  • Past standalone iterations are hidden under their own node
  • Fixed 1 visual glitches
  • Story and task descriptions are now included in the excel export
  • 3 minor bugs fixed
  • The state ‘deferred’ didn’t affect the metrics as it should; fixed


  • Leaf stories can now be moved from one backlog to another by drag & dropping from the story tree to the left hand backlog menu
  • Fixed 5 visual glitches
  • 2 refactorings


  • The new story tree is now at the product level as well (enable from My Settings)
  • Bug fix: Drag & dropping a task without a story into a task was broken
  • Bug fix: You couldn’t write a “:” into the spent time date box; now you can
  • Fixed vertical alignment icons in the left hand backlog menu


  • Made the rewritten very fast Story tree view for projects and Leaf stories list available as beta (enable from My Settings)
  • Discontinued the development of the Project PlanningandProjects tab on the product level and removed the functionality
  • You can now reset tasks’ original estimates with a single action (see iteration’s Actions menu)
  • The Backlog tab removed from the header menu as unnecessary
  • The Daily Work tab in the header renamed as My Work
  • The Timesheets tab in the header renamed asReporting
  • The Portfolio & Dashboards tab in the headerrenamedas Dashboards
  • Scaled up the hosting infra to meet increased userdemand
  • Fixed 29 minor bugs
  • Fixed 20 visual glitches
  • Made 6 small workflow / usability improvements


  • 2 visual glitches fixed
  • Added more functionality to the new Story tree (alpha version)


  • Stories in iterations which have not yet started no longer show up in Daily work’s Story queue
  • Text
  • 1 visual glitch fixed
  • 2 bugs fixed


  • All original estimates in an iteration can now be reset with a single action (Actions->Reset original estimate)
  • list prioritization made a lot faster – in internal production use
  • new look & feel to the login screen
  • 4 bugs fixed
  • 3 visual glitches fixed
  • 1 small Firefox-specific bug fixed


  • Admin users can now limit access to the account to one or more address spaces (see Administration->Account settings)
  • Added a short live tour to the help page when a new user lands the first time
  • Simplified the help page & added tutorial video about the concept model
  • Past iterations now hidden under their own node in the left hand backlogs menu
  • Daily work charts now automatically updated after changing tasks / stories
  • Timesheets’ export to excel now includes story ranks (priorities) for projects and iterations
  • Timesheets’ export to excel now includes stories’ parents (all in separate columns)
  • Tutorial videos dubbed by a native English speaker
  • More info added to failed password reset message
  • Android mobile app Cordova version updated
  • Rewriting of the project level & story tree with Angular JS gone forward – now in internal production use
  • Bug fixed: search did not find scands
  • Sometimes, the system hangs for ~15 secs – reasonfound & fixed
  • 4 small usability & workflow improvements
  • 30 other small bug fixes


  • You can now reset original estimates for all tasks in an iteration with a single operation (Actions->Reset estimates)
  • List layout adjusted to better fit smaller screens
  • Left hand backlog tree scrollbar was broken; fixed
  • Fixed three bugs in datepicker
  • Agilefant now directs to live chat when login fails


  • You can now add hyperlinks, images and tables in the description editor
  • You can now search by item id
  • Added explicit login upon session timeout
  • Added “No parking” sign when trying to drag & drop a task to a Product or Project in the left hand backlog tree
  • Added Effort spent to iteration excel export
  • Fixed layout bugs in the label editor
  • Removed non-functional sort arrows from list views


  • Moving stories and tasks by drag & dropping them to the left hand backlog menu (currently works only on Daily Work and Iteration pages)


  • Put add & remove all teams -shortcuts to user creation dialog
  • Made the top of the story tree views more readable
  • Admins can now see and access everything
  • Added iteration context info to prioritisation info boxes
  • Fixed a bug that caused spent effort not to show in Project leaf stories
  • Removed extra info boxes caused by changing story priorities in an iteration
  • Fixed a browser locale specific bug in datepicker
  • Removed excess data from REST templates’ summaries
  • Fixed a bug in moving a story from standalone iteration to a non-standalone iteration
  • Fixed two small holes in access rights
  • Fixed bugs in updating iteration burndown


Rolled out the new AngularJS Iteration view and lots of other small changes; some highlights below:

  • All changes made in Daily work or in any Iteration are updated to all clients’ Daily work and Iteration pages simultaneously
  • Replaced the Load graph in Daily Work with new, more easily understandable charts – # of stories and tasks estimated, my story points in different states, total effort left in my tasks
  • Removed unnecessary restrictions from moving stories – moves are now allowed to break the story hierarchy
  • Added the default backlog feature to make new story and task creation easier
  • Tasks can now be added to responsibles tasks queue from all list views
  • Added “To top” and “To bottom” shortcuts to the edit menu in all story lists
  • Iteration workload tab removed as an unnecessary feature


  • Possibility to enable the new user interface for the Daily Work page. ‘Administration’ => ‘My settings’ => ‘Use the new, faster & better UI’


  • Changes to story widget: save widget dropdown menu values, use future weeks instead of days, made story burnup saveable as image, added a link to a larger image
  • Added scrollbars for each backlog column in project planning view
  • Bug fix in create new menu’s create iteration: Clearing the selected project works now so that it creates a standalone iteration (previously clearing the selected project did not have an effect)


  • Added more data to Timesheet Excel: task states, task estimated effort left, task responsibles, task original estimates, story states, story responsibles, story labels
  • Added possibility to include stories and tasks with no spent effort in timesheets


  • Fixed iteration burndown calculation when iteration end date is in very distant future


  • Added predicted end date to story branch burnup in dashboard view


  • Fixed showing labels in project leaf stories view


  • Fixed problem with Firefox 29: dailywork and iteration views were not loading


  • Added ‘forgot password’ feature


  • New users created by an admin user are now by default added to all teams
  • New users created by a non-admin user are now by default added to all the teams the non-admin user belongs to


  • Credentials to new Agilefant users are sent via email
  • New users must change their automatically generated password upon their first login

Changes from 3.4


  • When using the Search feature, also search the given input from description field texts


  • Improved the speed of loading other user’s hour entries in Dailywork and Timesheets


  • Put new tasks to the top of the task list (consistency with how stories are added)


  • Burnups for story branches and individual stories are shown in Dashboard page metrics


  • Added ‘object not found’ page (showed for a deleted backlog or wrong backlog id)
  • Added reference link for task (open the task, it is above the description field)
  • Added story id and task id to timesheet export


  • Made sidebar resizable
  • Made sidebar open/close button visible even when scrolling the page
  • Bug fix: Do not limit amount of standalone iterations in database queries to 51


  • Renamed texts: “My account” => “My settings” and “System settings” => “Account settings”
  • Fixed showing standalone iterations for non-admin users in Project planning based on the user’s access rights


  • Fixed showing hour entries for a day in spent effort when the year changes in middle of week
  • Made weekly spent effort’s weekly hours dependent on the user’s time zone


  • Made weekly spent effort’s daily hour entry list dependent on the user’s time zone


  • Made timesheets dependent on user’s time zone, and added possibility to change the time zone


  • Made backlog/story/task searchable by its id (needs to be exact match, not partial)


  • Added project total hours to project info


  • Added sum of left and spent hours to project’s Iteration tab
  • Bug fix: Limit strings to maximum of 32767 characters in iteration excel export

Changes from 3.3.3


  • Calculate from all backlogs when no backlogs are selected on the Timesheets page
  • Changed Timesheets default interval from Today to All past entries
  • Fill backlog or iteration field automatically in Create new dialog if user is on backlog or iteration page
  • Show ‘Filters’ text in the filter image in list views (project leaf stories and iteration views)


Usability fixes:

  • Help pages to open up in a new window
  • Autocomplete dropdown added to dashboard metric selection
  • Dashboards now created from a button instead of a select menu
  • minor text and positioning changes
  • Renamed Dashboard (formerly known as the Portfolio) tab to Portfolio & Dashboards
  • Made open [+] /close [-] markers in the left hand backlog tree larger
  • Newly created backlog now opens automatically in the left hand backlog tree after it has been created via the Create new button
  • Removed Change parent text in story details because clicking the parent name is visualized as editable
  • Added the possibility to change parent story from the story info bubble
  • Parent story now displayed in the project leaf stories list
  • Show ‘(none)’ instead of project name in iteration dropdown to remove story from an iteration in the Project leaf stories list view


Usability fixes:

  • Renamed custom portfolios as dashboards and dashboard widgets as metrics
  • Changed the button that opens / closes stories in list views to plus/minus
  • Text changes to edit user page
  • Changed the link from Agilefant logo to Daily work (was pointing at www.agilefant.org)
  • Selected menu item in left hand Administration menu highlighted


Usability fixes:

  • Removed Recent link from top left menu (unused feature), restructured create new and search links
  • Added dropdown arrow in autocomplete boxes
  • Display ‘No items found’ message when text typed to autocomplete does not match anything in team, user or story parent selection
  • Renamed Assignees as Project assignees or Iteration assignees
  • Shortened footer height
  • Enabled autoclose when clicking outside bubble popup
  • User settings: Removed change password button, password can now be changed using a text field
  • All custom portfolios are now public

Bug fixes:

  • Burndown with just Spent effort wasn’t shown


Usability fixes:

  • Renamed ‘Started’ to ‘In progress’ and its abbreviation ‘S’ to ‘I’
  • Show tasks in project’s Leaf stories tab


Usability fixes:

  • Renamed Roadmap tab to Project planning
  • Removed Administration tab (Administration is still accessible from left menu)
  • Added scrollbar to middle area so that the header, footer and left menu do not move when the page is scrolled
  • Stories can now be edited on the Project planning view on the product level


Usability fixes:

  • Show stories and tasks in daily work as long as they are not done, even if they belong to project or iteration that has ended
  • Added Create new story button to daily work’s My story queue


  • Added create new project, iteration and story links to the product Roadmap tab
  • ‘Backlog’ auto-filled when creating projects and stories in the Roadmap tab
  • Newly created projects, iterations and stories (via the Create new -dialog) populate automatically to the current view
  • A green star shown in upper right corner when the Cloud Agilefant has been updated after the user’s previous login
  • Fix: Show user’s weekly hours as hours instead of minutes also for non-admin users


  • Keep sessions active to prevent the feeling of suddenly being logged out when returning after a long period of inactivity


Usability fixes:

  • Show grey star in upper right corner which shows a link to cloud change log
  • Highlighted editable text fields
  • Highlighted required fields in Create new dialogs
  • Show all possible choices (teams, users, backlogs, etc. ) when clicking auto-complete input fields
  • Simplified Create new -dialogs by removing baseline load, planned size, story value, and labels
  • Added tutorial video links to help page
  • Renamed Breakdown as Story tree
  • Renamed the All backlogs accordion as Backlogs
  • Renamed ES as Spent and EL as Left
  • Renamed Context to Iteration for tasks without story
  • Renamed My stories to Story queue in daily work
  • Highlight the active backlog name in Backlogs menu
  • Moved standalone iterations as separate tree in Backlogs menu
  • Moved create new menu to left side
  • Removed My stories in iterations from left menu
  • Show add and remove all buttons in team selection when creating new user
  • Removed original estimate field from story lists
  • When creating new team, the default choice for access rights is ‘all’

Changes from 3.3.2


Bug fixes:

  • Non-admin users no longer allowed to create admin users (gasp!)
  • Select iteration autocomplete box now shows only iterations that the user has access to
  • Infinite loop when fetching story metrics prevented
  • A bug in new wersion check comparison fixed
  • Backlog access code refactored
  • Allow to change parent story in iteration and project leaf story views
  • Renamed ‘Story queue’ in left hand side accordion => ‘My stories’
  • Other small UX improvements

Changes from 3.3.1



  • Support hotline – hosted users can now chat with Agilefant Headquarters from their account

Usability improvements:

  • Help page rewritten, with links to Agilefant User Guide and FAQ
  • Login name is now automatically generated based on email
  • Daily work shows a ‘loading’ marker when loading data
  • Upon logging into a fresh, newly installed Agilefant or Cloud account, open the ‘All backlogs’ accordion section by default
  • Keyboard shortcut to show the tasks of a story
  • Focus goes to username on the login page (so you can just press enter to login)

Bug fixes:

  • Vertical ordering of stories in Breakdown was broken; fixed
  • In some cases story ranks broke when moving stories between iterations; fixed (contribution by JBazzo)
  • A story that has children sometimes erroneously showed up in project leaf stories list; fixed (contribution by JBazzo)
  • Newly created custom portfolio view widgets did not show up without refreshing; fixed
  • Problems rendering the list of teams (requested at forum); fixed
  • Tasks in standalone iterations did not always show up in search; fixed
  • Effort spent in deferred stories did not show up in the Daily work Story queue; fixed

Changes from 3.3


Bug fixes:

  • Java 6 compatibility – version 3.3 required Java 7
  • Fixed Nullpointerexception when clicking story in standalone iteration
  • Fixed task sort order bug
  • Corrected a bug in the parsing of the double value which depends on the current Locale
  • Fixed bug in exampledb.sql – only affected those who initialized database with version 3.3 exampledb.sql
  • Refactoring


  • Added possibility to enable/disable import database

Changes from 3.2



  • Splitting unfinished stories in iterations made easier (Edit->Extract unfinished)
  • A small red star displays if there’s a newer Agilefant version available for download
  • Export database changed from an SQL dump into a JSON dump; it no longer contains a history of all changes made
  • You can now import a JSON dump database on the Admin tab; the new items do not overwrite pre-existing data. A more verbose description of the new features can be read from: http://agilefant.freeforums.org/post1857.html

Bug fixes:

  • DOM now updated when disabling / enabling users
  • Couldn’t create stories into iterations from Create new->Story menu (previously, the search only included products and projects)
  • Added connection validation to prevent MySQL timeouts
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases produced huge errors to agilefant.log
  • Creating the readonly user required for sharing iterations as readonly now automatic when starting Agilefant on an empty database
  • Refactoring

Changes from 3.1.1 to 3.2


  • Improvements to Daily Work
  • Renamed My Work Queue => Task queue
  • Renamed My Stories => Story queue
  • You can now use the Story queue to plan what storiesyou take on next across all your iterations, projects and products (works like the task queue)
  • Improvements to user rights
  • Non-admin users can now access the portfolio view and rank all the projects their teams have access to
  • Non-admin users can create new users to their teams
  • Bug fixes and small UX improvements
  • Story points in breakdown points always calculated correctly
  • Stories in projects and products with you as responsible for one or more non-done tasks are now visible in daily work
  • Create new -> Iteration: default end date = sysdate + 2 weeks
  • Navigation to parent stories now possible from Work Queue context bubbles
  • UX improvements to effort spent -dialog:
  • If delta to last logged entry > 8h => no ES autofill
  • Focus to close button upon saving EL
  • Stories in projects, products, and iterations with you as responsible for one or more tasks are now visible in daily work
  • Iteration velocity now calculated as story points / day
  • Hibernate updated to version 4

Changes from 3.1 to 3.1.1


  • Bug-fixes:
  • Fixed servlet context config (was causing “Could not create and/or set value back on to object” errors)
  • Fixed shared read-only iteration links

Changes from 3.0.3 to 3.1


  • Improvements to roadmapping and release planning
  • The work breakdown view loads now much faster!
  • Nodes’ points’ now display the greater of (child items’ points vs. their own points)
  • Nodes story points now show branch completion in terms of story points
  • Story info bubble shows the total effort spent in branch
  • Filtering works based on iteration name also (and not just backlog name)
  • Sum of ES in child stories calculated to StoryInfoBubble
  • You can now navigate to parent stories from iteration view story hierarchy bubble
  • Bug fixed: Upon hitting Esc in the Story info bubble, the breakdown node “disappeared”
  • Improvements to access rights
  • Bug fixed: Non-accessible standalone iterations no longer show up in all products’ leaf stories view
  • Non-admin users can now create standalone iterations, with access rights for their own teams
  • Non-admin users can now create products, with access rights for their own teams
  • Non-admin users can now view the Daily Work of those in their teams
  • Build manager changed from Ant to Maven
  • Small UX improvements
  • Dialog for logging spent effort
  • Doesn’t lose focus upon changing user
  • Daily total spent effort now refreshes upon deleting an effort entry
  • More understandable help text when opening an empty daily work page
  • Fixed problem with saving certain national characters
  • Inverted positions of Value and Points in StoryInfoBubble
  • Expanded accepted effort formats; now accepts .5, 30 min, and 0.5h
  • Database export failure in Cloud fixed
  • Technical changes
  • Added database migration library (Flyway)
  • Switched logging to SLF4J + Logback
  • Updated most libraries
  • Changed the way Agilefant is configured (using an XML file)

Changes from to 3.0.3


  • Workflow improvements to logging spent effort:
  • The dialog automatically autofills ES with the delta from the last entry logged by the user
  • Upon saving an effort entry, focus automatically to ‘Close’ button => If you log spent effort ‘as you go’, you can just hit 2x and you’re done!
  • Story tree: Changing a child story as started automatically changes all its parent stories as started (adpated from code by Javier Bazzocco)
  • Sort by Iteration in Project Backlog view works again
  • Year-end bug in spent effort -scroller fixed
  • Move to Backlog -dialog: focus to text field upon dialog opening
  • Create new product and iteration dialogs: added text that warns that newly created products / standalone iterations seem to ‘disappear’ if the user does not have access rights to them
  • Create team -dialog:
  • After selecting users for a new team, focus to ‘Add all products to team’ dropdown
  • Default values for ‘Add all products to team’ and ‘Add all standalone iterations to team’ changed to ‘No’
  • Registration link fixed to point to the correct registration form

Changes from 3.0.2 to


  • fixed missing tags in hyperlink-keyboard shortcuts in case they would cause problems in some browser/OS combination

Changes from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2


  • Added hyperlink-keyboard shortcuts to some commonly used operations:
  • Task and story state, responsibles, effort left, original estimate, effort spent
  • spent effort, add child, add sibling, delete in the story
  • Select users in the Team creation dialog
  • See http://agilefant.freeforums.org/how-to-enable-the-keyboard-shortcuts-t346.html on how to effectively use the keyboard shortcuts!
  • Iteration and Product creation dialogs now read ‘Project’ and ‘Product’ (respectively) instead of ‘Parent’
  • Rewrote a couple of error messages to be more comprehensible

Changes from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1


Bug fixes:

  • Iteration-to-iteration story moves from the breakdown view no longer break story ranks (#1518)
  • New database upgrade script 300-301 to fix broken iteration storyranks caused by Agilefant versions 3.x-3.0.0 (#1459 and #1524)
  • Updated version of exampledb.sql

Changes from 3.0 beta 2 to 3.0.0


  • spent effort can now be logged directly to any story from the breakdown view Bug fixes:
  • No burndown if sprint start date <= creation date
  • exampledb.sql works also on case-sensitive environments like Linux

Changes from 3.0 beta 1 to 3.0 beta 2


Bug fixes:

  • #1201: Email notification implemented by https://github.com/jumarko Juraj Martinka from GoodData
  • #1258: Fixed broken Breakdown view operations: treerank & deletion

Changes from 3.0 alpha 12 to 3.0 alpha 13


Bug fixes:

  • #1240: Effort spent calculation in iteration Burndown graph.
  • #Change: Reverted Effort Spent focus directly to Close-button.

Changes from 3.0 alpha 11 to 3.0 alpha 12


Bug fixes:

  • #1117: Bug: Missing: a direct way to remove stories away from a standalone iteration. Fixed: Can be removed by moving back to its backlog.
  • #1239: Fix StoryInfoBubble backlog & iteration selection

Changes from 3.0 alpha 10 to 3.0 alpha 11


Bug fixes:

  • #962: Fix the upgrade scripts so that they give everyone access to all products and remove old upgrade shell scripts from the release package

Changes from 3.0 alpha 9 to 3.0 alpha 10


Bug fixes:

  • #848: Change delete dialog tab order in all delete dialogs (First focus in cancel, then change to OK)
  • #852: HeaderTooltips and focus to Close-button
  • #887: Leaf stories as default tab when clicking on a project
  • #1056: Iteration history tab throws exception – Hide until it’s fixed!
  • #1078: Iteration assignees selector dialog (product level, projects tab) & (project level, iterations tab)’s title says “(Insert title here)” instead of “Select users”
  • #1144: Bug in iteration velocity calculation
  • #1200: Adding effort to story’s task in product gives error (in daily work view)
  • #1207: Bug: in standalone iteration: creating a story, when top-ranked story has parent story in project, doesn’t work

Changes from 3.0 alpha 8 to 3.0 alpha 9


Bug fixes:

  • #866 Text change tweaks to project burn-up legend
  • #888 Text change: product/project Leaf stories tab => Backlog, Story tree tab => Breakdown, Story tree header => Product Backlog in product view and Project Backlog in project view
  • #913 BUG: When a story is in a Product and in a Standalone iteration, it shows up in Product Leaf stories in the product as well (should only be in the standalone iteration)
  • #1180 Prevent non-admins from seeing Teams and Users they don’t belong to via assignee selector (in task, story, iteration, project)
  • #1191 Daily work – My stories shows Done stories from standalone iterations (should not show them)

Changes from 3.0 alpha 7 to 3.0 alpha 8


  • Bug fixes related to user & access rights:
  • #1165 Prevented non-admin users from seeing Teams they do not belong to, as well as Users not in their teams
  • #1161 Restricted non-admin users from viewing anyone else’s daily work
  • #1155 Restricted non-admin users from viewing the portfolio
  • #1181 Bug: in certain cases security check throws nullpointerException when non-admin opens storyInfoBubble

Changes from 3.0 alpha 6 to 3.0 alpha 7


Bug fixes:

  • Deleting a project that has one or more iterations containing one or more stories threw exception (#963)

Changes from 3.0 alpha 5 to 3.0 alpha 6


Bug fixes:

  • Copied story appears in project, not iteration; fixed (#961)
  • ID displays null when creating a new story in iteration; fixed (#1017)
  • Selecting [standalone iterations] in Timesheets throws exception; fixed (#943)
  • Clicking on iteration history tab throws exception; fixed (#1056)
  • Top left logo to point to www.agilefant.org (#439)

Changes from 3.0 alpha 4 to 3.0 alpha 5


Bug fixes:

  • Iteration spent effort graph omitted efforts from stories and tasks in stories; fixed (#1108)
  • Exception from clicking on ‘Backlogs’ tab after login if there are no products or standalone iterations that the user has access to; fixed (#958)
  • Force Java 1.6 compilation
  • Enlarge -link below iteration burndown charts was broken; fixed
  • Refactored design issues and fixed potential memory leaks regarding anonymous DB export

Changes from 3.0 alpha 3 to 3.0 alpha 4


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed story tree after it was broken by #977 in alpha 1.2 (#1122)

Changes from 3.0 alpha 2 to 3.0 alpha 3


Bug fixes:

  • Bug: stories saved in regular iterations drops story rank to the bottom of the iteration; fixed (#1034)

Changes from 3.0 alpha 1 to 3.0 alpha 2


Bug fixes:

  • Creating stories to a standalone iteration threw exception fixed
  • The dialog for sharing iterations as read-only gave the wrong URL;
  • ‘Backlog’ column in project leaf story list did not display iteration; fixed

Changes from 2.5 to 3.0 alpha 1


  • Iterations can now include stories from multiple products
  • Iterations can now be “standalone”; this is the simplest way to use Agilefant for iteration management
  • The project level is no longer mandatory; a product can be advanced via assigning its stories to standalone iterations
  • Per-product user rights
  • Separated admin users from ‘regular’ users (admin-status can be set in new user creation)
  • Only admins are allowed to create products, edit teams, create users, edit other users’ accounts, export the database, etc.
  • Admin users can set which teams can access which products
  • In team creation the team can be set to access all products
  • Likewise, in product creation, all teams can be granted access to it
  • Read-only iterations
  • Iterations can now be shared as read-only via emailing an URL token (all metrics and stories visible; tasks are hidden)
  • Small usability improvements
  • Story IDs in iteration and project leaf story lists are now clickable links for copy-paste purposes
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Fixed initialization of vertical rank in story tree of a newly created story
  • Overly long decimals truncated in Project metrics widget (used to create custom views into the portfolio)
  • Known issues
  • listed at 3.0 alphas’ release thread at http://agilefant.freeforums.org/post643.html
  • new alpha releases are made whenever significant changes get done;

these are announced in the above thread, along with an updated list of known issues

  • if you find a new issue, post it to the above thread

Changes from 2.0.5 to 2.5


  • Improved portfolio management
  • Improved metrics in Story, Iteration and Project widgets used to create custom views into the development portfolio
  • Improved support for product and release planning
  • Project burn-up now displays an additional graph based on the maximum of story points in the tree (e.g. story of 10 points having two children with 2 points each => 10 points, instead of 4)
  • New story attribute ‘Value’ (a non-negative integer, similar to story points)
  • Drag & drop multiple stories in the story tree view with a single operation
  • Added ‘rank to top’ and ‘rank to bottom’ as separate buttons in the project leaf stories view for faster ranking; fixed bug regarding these actions
  • Improved layout when creating stories in the project leaf stories list
  • New stories are now created to the top of the project leaf stories list
  • Story IDs are displayed in the project leaf story list for easier reference
  • Improved iteration management
  • New state ‘Deferred’ for stories and tasks to indicate that it has been scoped out of the project or iteration. Deferred stories (tasks) are ignored in all metrics
  • Stories (including tasks) can now be copied in iteration view – helps e.g. in dealing with unfinished stories at the end of an iteration
  • Iteration burndown now depicts cumulative spent effort as a function of time (when timesheets are enabled)
  • Setting tasks as ‘Ready’ prompts for zeroing of effort left
  • Iteration history tab now includes trace of added/removed stories
  • Story IDs are displayed in the iteration story list for easier reference
  • User rights
  • Teams can now be deleted (preparatory work for the upcoming teams/products access matrix)
  • Support for Agilefant’s research-industry ecosystem
  • Manual export of database for research and/or backup purposes (outputs a zipped SQL dump that you can email – Agilefant does not send anything anywhere!)
  • Automatic anonymization of an exported database for research purposes (all object names are replaced with their ID’s, all text fields in objects are replaced with string length)
  • Small usability improvements
  • All editing is now done with single-click (instead of double-click); double-click still works, though
  • Smoother drag n’ drop for ranking stories in story lists
  • Search now includes tasks as well
  • Focus to main frame when loading all pages (pages can be scrolled without unnecessary focus clicking when not using a mouse)
  • Planned size of projects and iterations now explicitly as man-hours
  • Misc bug fixes

Changes from 2.0.4, also known as Agilefant 2.0.3 (r4337)


  • Usability improvements:
  • Navigation between Story tree and Iteration views now possible from the context info bubbles
  • Added a ‘Recent items’ tag cloud to ease finding the stories recently worked on
  • Improved help page texts
  • Bugfixes (agilefant.googlecode.com ids):
  • 22: NullpointerException in Daily work
  • 20: Trying to add spent effort when creating a task gives an error (if the task is not yet saved)
  • 34: Team names are not unique

Changes from 2.0.3


  • Labels can be added when creating a new story
  • Possibility to show weekends as flat-lines in iteration burndown
  • Iteration summary, stories and tasks can be exported in Excel spreadsheet
  • Fixes to RESTful API and data format
  • Bugfixes: 0000145, 0000131, 0000159 and 0000159

Changes from 2.0.2


Changes from 2.0.1


  • Renewed portfolios with customizable widgets
  • Product leaf stories view for easy drag’n'drop moving of stories
  • Editing multiple stories at a time in story tree is now possible

Changes from 2.0


  • Quick search functionality
  • Labels in story lists
  • Configuring the story tree
  • Branch metrics in story trees

Changes from Beta 2


  • Timesheets related bug fixes
  • Reduced debug levels
  • Performance improvements

Changes from Beta 1


  • Daily work functionality rewritten
  • Lots of improvements to story tree
  • The hierarchy consistency is mainted. For example a child story can not reside in a different project than its parent
  • All functionality that will be included in Agilefant 2.0 should be present
  • Added help page and some quick help links
  • Daily Work, Timesheets, and Portfolio view can now be enabled/disabled in the settings

Changes from Alpha 5


  • Story tree improvements
  • Editing story labels
  • Creating stories to empty story trees
  • Improved filtering and search capabilities
  • Performance improvements in project and iteration views
  • Ability to delete iterations, projects and products

Changes from Alpha 4


  • Labels can be added to stories
  • Iteration workload
  • Story tree improvements, such as creating child and sibling stories
  • Improvements to setting pages
  • New user interface for logging spent effort

Changes from Alpha 3


  • Project portfolio view added
  • Story tree on product and project pages
  • Including changing parent-child relationships
  • Sorting story trees
  • Sorting project child stories
  • ‘My Assignments’ in left hand menu
  • Minor timesheets improvements

Changes from Alpha 2


  • Timesheets functionality implemented
  • Including logging effort for stories, tasks, iterations, projects and products
  • Story tree and hierarchy on project page
  • Splitting stories
  • New layout
  • Lots of changes to Daily Work

Agilefant 1.6 -> 2.0 alpha

Totally renewed user interface

  • The interface has been streamlined and works similarly in every view
  • Performance and ease-of-use is now on a totally different level

Conceptual model has been fundamentally changed

  • Instead of a workaround on iteration level, the stories are now consistent throughout the whole system
  • The former tags have been changed to a more intuitive and easy-to-use labeling system
  • A work queue for tasks has been added to the Daily Work page

Hierarchical backlog management

  • Product level backlog has been replaced with a story tree
  • Project backlog is now a collection of all of its iterations’ stories
  • Hierarchy is allowed on project and product levels. Iteration stories can’t have children

Disabling unneeded views

  • The Timesheets, Daily Work, and Portfolio views can be disabled through the Settings page.

Browser support:

  • Firefox 3.0+ and Google Chrome are officially supported
  • Safari should work fine
  • IE8 is not guaranteed to work, but works to some standard
  • Opera probably works to some extent, but has not been tested